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The saree is such a versatile raiment – not only does it bring your best features to the fore while hugging the contours of your body in an aesthetic way, it also covers up any flaws. The result is an astounding look that can be flaunted by young and older women alike. Moreover, there is no other traditional outfit that lets you style it in so very many ways, letting you either brighten it up further or dial it down a notch for a grander or subtler look. We at Heer Fashion celebrate womanhood – our women customers have played a big role in making us who we are today. We now bring to you are expansive range of sarees by top brands like Anouk, Indus Diva, Jashn, The Chennai Silks, Kalki, Platinum, Mimosa, Soch Outlet, Heena, Colors and so many more. We have all had horrid experiences while shopping for sarees – waiting for sales assistants to take notice of you and having them oversell merchandise to you is a waste of time and effort. Skip ahead with the collection of sarees on Heer Fashion – you get to pick from a host of fabrics and embellishments , length and occasion wear. This is just the beginning – dive right in to find myriad styles that will win your heart. We just let you in on the secret to looking breathtakingly gorgeous – shop from our saree online selection right now!


While the traditional saree was a lengthy 9 yards – today, it can be anywhere from 4 to 9 yards in length. The pallu and the border are the important parts of the saree and are usually adorned with additional strips of cloth and tassels to prevent them from fraying. A saree can be made of any material, right from various kinds of silk or georgette to cotton and polyester. Raw silk has a more texturized look to it – tussar silk, a product of Madhya Pradesh, is the most common form of raw silk. The Banarasi silk saree is a favourite amongst brides-to-be for its soft texture and alluring look. The brocade work and elaborate motifs are an added plus, and contribute to the element of grandeur. Kanchipuram silk sarees find many takers, especially in the southern part of India owing to their origin. They are naturally woven and boast of high-contrast borders. Georgette sarees are lightweight and come in many printed forms and vibrant colours. A chiffon saree is translucent in nature along with a slightly texturized feel to the touch due to the fact that they are stretched both ways during manufacturing. Cotton sarees are extremely soft on the skin, letting it breathe – every region or state in India has its own unique style of cotton weaving. Jacquard weave sarees have various designs included in the weave instead of being separately printed or dyed on later. Chanderi silk is another popular silk saree material that is a blend of cotton and silk – it is well-known for its sheer and shiny nature. Besides these, the jamdani saree, kota saree, tissue or Lame saree and more variants are worn by Indian women everywhere.


The saree is a versatile fabric and can be worn by anybody – whether you are a college-goer looking for a saree for her graduation ceremony or a daughter-in-law intending to gift her mother-in-law a saree on her first Diwali after marriage, there is something that will suit everybody. One does not have to worry about the sizing as one size fits all – the blouse can be fashioned later as per the tastes and requirements of the wearer. If you are not too keen on buying sarees online, give Heer Fashion a try. Our detailed product descriptions with information about the fabric and design, coupled with wash care instructions will simplify the process of buying. High definition product pictures and styling ideas will let you decide what is best suited to your personality and budget. Heer Fashion’s cash on delivery option, speedy delivery feature, easy 30-day returns policy and more will get you on-board with the idea of purchasing a saree from us immediately. You can even gift your loved ones a saree with the gift-wrap option and add a personalized message. There are really no two ways about it – satisfy all your saree-shopping urges with Heer Fashion.